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The right way of applying perfumes: how to make your scents last?

By Ben S. November 18, 2022 0 comments

One of the best compliments that a person can receive is that he or she smells good. A good cologne is one of the most underrated accessories. Did you know that human beings can detect at least one trillion distinct smells? When our species is so gifted in scents and our sense of smell, who are we, after all, to ignore the importance of good perfumes?

Perfumes are known to bring back memories. It is said that a person is more likely to find you attractive when you smell good.

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While there are people who collect perfumes out of love, it has also become a need in today's time when our schedules are so hectic and the heat is unbearable. A good perfume is necessary for a date night or a work meeting.

Many people spend lots of money on a cologne but complain that its smell does not last long. While it can be upsetting to reapply your perfume after every few hours, it also pinches the pocket.

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So how do you make your perfume last long? Well, yes. There is a right way of applying perfumes. Let us tell you how to use your perfume to make it last longer on your body.

  1. Firstly, buy a good perfume. Next, invest in your cologne; it doesn't irritate your skin. It does not have to be extraordinarily expensive, but a decent perfume is always a good pick. A nice cologne doesn't just smell good but is also not harmful to your skin. For example, Guess perfumes for men and Guess perfumes for women would be a good pick.
  1. Spray the perfume directly onto your skin. Yes, you read it right. Use the cologne directly on your skin. Keep the nozzle close to your skin and spray an adequate number of times.
  2. Spray into your hair. However, some people suggest not to spray the cologne into your hair. Some formulas are allowed on your hair. So, ladies who like their hair to smell amazing, don’t be afraid!
  3. Do a catwalk! Absolutely! Celebrate the fact that you smell amazing and walk the ramp for your own self. This will help in making your perfume last longer as well. Just spray your Guess perfume for women in the air and move across it. It will help your body absorb the perfume and last longer.
  4. Always use your perfume on moisturized skin. Men who do not moisturize enough need to take notes. Though Guess perfumes for men generally last long enough, it is important to moisturize your skin. It not only helps your perfume last longer, but it is important for your skin in general.
  5. Ladies, before you use your Guess perfume for women on your pulse points, dab on a little petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is an excellent moisturizer and will help your cologne blend stay for much longer.

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Now that you know the easiest but most effective way of making your perfumes last for long, its time you buy some great colognes and start a collection if you don't have one already. We recommend ordering your perfumes from a genuine online seller. The Perfume Box is an excellent choice as they offer a great range of perfumes and their ratings suggest they sell genuine products. So don't give it another thought. Order your favourite perfume as quickly as possible.

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