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Frequently Asked Questions About Fragrance

Do you want to know how to use perfume correctly, or are you interested in understanding perfume? Check out our perfume FAQ:

Yes, all of our products are 100% original and new. We purchase our fragrances directly from manufacturers or authorized dealers, and all our products come in the manufacturer’s original packaging.

We believe that everyone needs fragrance! Every person wants to smell good. The problem is that the big retailers’ perfume prices are very high. To tackle this problem, we started buying products in bulk directly from manufacturers and authorized dealers. This helps keep our prices low. We also do not have the operating expenses of a big retailer, and pass on those savings to our customers.

Parfum: This is a common question! The difference between these types of fragrances has to do with how much perfume oil they contain. The more oil a fragrance contains, the stronger its scent will be.

Eau de Parfum: This is the strongest and longest-lasting fragrance available. Parfum has a concentration of 15%-25% perfume oil.

Eau de Toilette: This is not as strong as a parfum and has a concentration of 8%-15% perfume oil.

Eau de Cologne: Often called simply cologne, this is lighter than eau de toilette, with a concentration of 2%-5% perfume oil.

Wondering how to use eau de toilette, how to apply perfume or how to use cologne? First, start with moisturized skin — the scent will last longer. Most people like to apply scent to their pulse points, parts of the body which generate heat and encourage the scent to waft in the air. This includes the base of your neck, behind your ears, behind your knees, inside your elbows and inside your wrists. The best way to apply it is to spritz it directly onto your skin. Spraying it in the air and then walking through it simply wastes perfume. If you’re wondering how to put on cologne, use the same approach.

Great question! Your skin type — namely how oily or dry your skin is — is an important factor in how long your fragrance will last. Another factor is the pH level of your skin, which affects how long fragrance notes, or the scents you notice after applying perfume, will last.

The pH level also determines how each ingredient in a fragrance will react when you wear it. Generally, people with dry skin will notice that fragrance lasts for a shorter interval as compared to people with oily skin, because oilier skin has moisture that holds the fragrance longer. If your skin tends to be dry, moisturizing it before you apply perfume will help it last longer.

The product is the same, but packaging may vary. Perfume labeled “tester” usually comes in the same spray bottle as the “original” perfume but may not have a cap. A tester typically only comes in one size — usually one of the larger sizes — and is packaged in a plain box with a simple (or no) label rather than the standard box.

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