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Fact or Fiction - 5 Myths about Fiction

By Diljeet Singh May 10, 2019 0 comments

Fiction: You can test it on paper

Have you really been shopping if you haven’t come home with a bag full of perfumed paper? Sampling allthe scents with your BFFs is a rite of passage. The problem is, those paper testers aren’t gonna help when you actually want to pick out your next perfume.

Our skin is made up of stuff like oils and moisture – paper is not. The perfume is gonna react differently to these properties and the scent will change slightly. Basically, what you thought was your type on paper might not actually be your perfect fit IRL. Poetic, really.

Fact: Tap it out

Not to be dramatic, but everything you think you know about applying perfume is a lie. Okay, maybe not everything, but still. If you’re rubbing your perfume between your wrists after you spritz, we’re sorry to break it to you, but you’re doing it wrong. Rubbing your

wrists together will break up the molecules of the perfume, making it lose its scent quickly. Instead, you should be tapping your perfume into your skin. It’s a small change, but it will make a mega difference. Trust us.

Fiction: Cologne is for men

Parfum is for women and cologne is for men, right? Well, (*vine voice*) that is not correct. Different fragrance names refer to the oil concentration of the scent, not who it’s aimed at. Here’s a quick breakdown ‘cos we’re nice:

Eau de parfum: The strongest concentration of oil (around 25%).
Eau de toilette: The middle ground, with around 10% concentration.
Eau de cologne: The weakest, with around 3% concentration.

Fact: Scents smell different on everyone

Did you know perfumes are basically our own personalised scent? Yep. We’re living a life of luxury every time we spritz ourselves with our fave scent. Call us Beyoncé. If you’re wondering why, it’s because all of us are so fabulously unique, perfumes react to the different properties of our skin, changing the scent. Whilst the change isn’t major, it’s still pretty cool.

Fiction: Walk through it

If you’re doing a dramatic walk through a mist of fragrance every day, you can take it down a notch. Whilst we love that level of extra, it’s not necessary. Fragrance works best when sprayed directly onto skin so it can react to your body heat. So, whilst channelling your inner supermodel/supervillain is fun, you’re also wasting money and potentially staining your furniture with perfume. Oops.

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