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Best Methods to Store Your Premium Perfumes

By Ben S. July 22, 2021 0 comments

The perfume concentration and perfume notes play a vital role in deciding how long your perfume will last. However, these two are not the only factors. The way you take care of your perfume and store it also matters a lot. 

This detailed guide will help you learn the best methods to store your perfumes and increase their longevity. Check out the following tips!

Keep the Perfume Bottle Closed 

A perfume stays in its original condition as long as the bottle is sealed. When uncapped, it comes into contact with oxygen, causing it to be diluted and oxidized. Therefore, the countdown of your perfume starts after uncapping it the very first time. 

Be it a Eau De Perfum or polo blue cologne gift sets, be mindful of using your perfume. The longer your perfume bottle will be uncapped, the faster the original flavor of your perfume will disappear. So, whenever you spray your perfume to your skin, make sure the bottle is not uncapped for a longer time. 

Store the Perfume in Dark Place

The sunlight is harmful to perfumes. If it directly hits your perfume bottle, the fragrance may degrade quickly as sunlight breaks down the bond and concentration of the perfume ingredients. It can also melt the plastic bottle to some extent. This is why most perfumes come in dark bottles made of glasses. 

So, keep your perfume bottle away from the direct sunlight and store it in a dark place, like a cupboard, closet, dresser drawer, kitchen cabinet, etc. 

Store the Perfume in Cold Place 

Heat, humidity, and frequent temperature variations are not ideal for perfumes. They can spoil the perfume concentration and affect its original smell. So, it is better to store your perfume in a cold place. Your refrigerator, bedroom, and cupboard would be ideal options.

Keep the Perfume in Its Original Container

Many people are fond of storing perfumes in expensive and style metal or plastic bottles. There is nothing wrong with it. But when you transfer the fragrance liquid from its original container to metal-made bottles or jugs, the fragrance concentration may be oxidized, resulting in spoiling the original odor. So, it is always advisable to keep your perfume in its original container. 

Follow the Instructions

Every perfume bottle is labeled that contains all the important information related to perfume. You will find everything from perfume ingredients, perfume concentration, and usage methods to storage methods on the label. If a perfume bottle does not have a label on it, you will get a small guidebook or a pamphlet inside its box when buying it from mens perfume sale

So, before uncapping your perfume bottle or spraying the fragrance liquid to your skin, make sure to read all the instructions and guidelines carefully. 

In the storage section on the label or guide book, you will find some specific instructions to store your perfume. Follow all of those instructions carefully! 

If you have any confusion about storing your perfume, you must ask the seller. They will surely solve your queries. 

Store the Perfume on a Low-Level Shelf

If you store your perfume on a high-level shelf, it will be at a higher risk of falling down. So, avoid keeping your perfume bottle on top shelves and store it on a low-level shelf. It is a better way to store your perfume. 

Avoid Storing Your Perfume at Certain Places 

Some places at your home are not ideal places to store perfumes. Those places include:

  • Dresser Top
  • Bathroom Shelves
  • High-Level Shelves 
  • In Front of Windows 
  • Basement 
  • Under Direct Light 

So, you should avoid storing your perfumes at these places, or else your perfumes may lose their fragrance quality over time.

Do Not Shake the Perfume Bottle Too Much

While it seems that shaking a perfume bottle mixes the fragrance liquid nicely, it does the exact opposite. Shaking a perfume bottle oxidizes liquid via bubbles, breaking the concentrated molecules of compounds and ingredients included in the perfume. 

So, avoid shaking your perfume too much before applying it to your skin. And wherever you store it, make sure the liquid is still.


A perfume is required to be stored correctly, or else it may lose its quality and originality. So, you should follow all the storage methods included in this blog to preserve your premium perfume. 

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