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8 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Perfumes

By Ben S. July 20, 2021 0 comments

Perfumes have a rich history. Although nobody exactly knows about perfumes' origin, people believe perfume-making began ages back in Egypt, ancient China, and Indus Valley Civilization. Later, Romans and Muslims refined the methods or formulas of perfume-making. Since then, perfume-making methods have changed a lot over time. Perfumes attract everyone. Thanks to their enticing fragrance and other benefits. They make your body fragrant, create a sweet-scented aura around you, and allow you to express your personality effectively. 

If you are fond of perfumes, you would have known lots of things, from the top perfume brands to the best quality fragrances. However, there are some interesting facts about perfumes you may not be aware of. We will discuss some of those in this blog. 

The Origin of the Term "Perfume"

We talk a lot about perfumes and wear them on different occasions to look fresh and confident. But, have you ever wondered about the term "perfume?" Did you know where it came from? 

Well! The term "Perfume" is derived from the Latin word "per fumus." This means "through smoke." Moreover, there is no more information regarding the same. 

Some Perfumes are Erotic 

Perfumes make you look fresh and sexy. But did you know that some perfumes, like anne klien perfume, can trigger your erotic feelings? 

Yes! Some perfumes containing specific ingredients, like Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Vanilla, and Ginger, can seduce you and trigger your intimate feelings. When you smell these fragrances, their aphrodisiac properties prompt instant attraction and sensual responses. 

These perfumes are perfect for those couples who are missing the ultimate romance in their life. 

The Fragrance of a Perfume Changes Throughout the Day 

You would have noticed that the fragrance of a perfume changes throughout the day. Did you know why? 

Perfume is made of three different notes: top, heart, and base notes. These notes are a blend of different ingredients and have different textures and qualities. 

When you apply your perfume to your skin, the fragrance you smell the very first is top notes. The fragrance of top notes evaporates within 20 minutes, and then you smell the fragrance of heart notes. Lastly, base notes appear around 1-2 hours after applying perfume to your skin. This is the fragrance that lasts for the longest time.

So, the perfume notes are the reasons why the fragrance of a perfume changes throughout the day. 

Perfumes Don't Have a Set Expiry Date.

Although most perfumes have 3-5 years of average shelf life, they do not have a set expiry date. According to the experts, a perfume can last for anywhere between 1-10 years, depending on various factors, such as:

  • Storage Methods
  • Usages
  • Perfume Concentration 
  • Strength of Base Notes 
  • Amount of Alcohol 

A perfume with strong base notes and higher perfume concentration lasts for the longest time in the bottle as well as on your skin. 

Temperature Variations Affect the Composition of Perfumes

The perfume manufacturers advise storing perfumes in dark and cold places. Did you know why? 

Sunlight, humidity, and frequent temperature variations may spoil the composition of perfumes, reducing their effectiveness and longevity. This is the most significant reason why a perfume maker advises you to store your perfume in dark and cold places. A cupboard or dressing table is ideal for storing your perfume. 

Perfumes Improve Your Mood 

Perfumes are a feel-good stimulant that can relax your mind, improve your mood, and make you feel good. If you are tired, tense, or feeling low, the fragrance of perfume can act as a healer. 

Perfumes Smell Better When Applied on Pulse Point 

When you apply perfume on your pulse points, like the neck, behind the knee, the wrist, the groin, and inside the elbow, it smells better because your perfume comes into contact with the heat of blood flow. 

So, if you want to get the best out of any perfume, like prada perfume for women, you should apply it to your pulse points. 

Moreover, when applying perfume to your skin, you should consider the following things:

  • Do not double spray on the same area.
  • Do not spread the liquid with your finger; just spray and leave it.
  • Do not spray the perfume too many times. 

Perfumes Can Smell Different on Different People 

Many people buy a fragrance because it smells good on someone's skin. You should not make this mistake because perfumes may smell differently based on your unique skin chemistry. 

Every person has unique skin chemistry based on their diet and lifestyle. If a perfume smells romantic on your friend's skin, it doesn't mean it will smell the same on your skin. It may smell a little or completely different on your skin based on your skin type. 

So, before buying perfume, do not forget to test it on your skin. 

To sum up, we hope this reading has been informative and useful for you. It may help you buy the right perfume for you as per your requirements and choices. 

For more informative guides, stay in touch with us. 

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